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My experience with a taxify driver in Lagos

After this particular day, I swore that anytime I order taxify and I see the name ‘Festus’ I will cancel the order. During the last christmas period, some of my cousins and I planned to go to the beach so we had to call taxify because there was no one to drive us. We called two taxify because we were more than four. (as they don’t carry more than 4). The one I ordered got to the house first, I was still talking to him about our destination and pleading that he should allow 5 people in his car when the second one my cousin called arrived.

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Immediately we told him we were going to ‘Elegushi beach’, his face changed (I guessed it wasn’t his route)  but he still agreed to take us. We still had to beg and beg before he allowed five people in his car which he still wasn’t satisfied with at the end.

On our way, I noticed the taxify driver I called was familiar with the roads because he knew the shortcuts and traffic-free routes unlike the other one (Festus) my cousin called.

We got to our destination after facing little traffic, then I asked them to end the ride (trust me, if you don’t tell them to, they won’t). I expected each ride to be close to 6k. When the one I called ended the ride, it was 5400 (I wasn’t expecting anything less) then the one my cousin called (Mr Festus) ended his, someone just came to tell me it was 9100. What came out of my mouth was “Are u high?” because it was funny to me.

How on earth would I pay one taxify man 5400 and pay the other 9100 when we got to our destination at the exactly the same time. Mind you, the one I ordered told me his charge might be more expensive because his surge was higher so I was wondering why our ‘Mr Festus’ charge was higher.

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I changed it for him immediately. Then he started talking about calculations. ‘L.O.L’ when did taxify drivers start asking their riders to multiply 1.5km by whatever. His was even meant to be cheaper for Heaven’s sake. My cousins started insulting him, I didn’t insult him but I made it clear I wasn’t gonna pay him that amount. (abi did I travel from Lagos to Ibadan ni? Almost 10k just from my house to Elegushi). He eventually said we should pay 6500 and I ended up giving him 6k which he wasn’t satisfied with but that was what I was willing to drop so he had to take it like that after vomiting rubbish from his mouth.

Even the other taxify driver could not say anything because he was also wondering how he came up with that ridiculous amount. After my research about what could have gone wrong, it was clear that the guy didn’t end a previous trip when he started ours which was my cousin’s fault.

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If u call a taxify,  check his phone properly to be sure the driver is starting a new ride with you and also make sure your eyes are glued to his phone throughout the ride. Do not let a taxify driver fool you that he needs to switch to another phone to continue the ride so it’d be cheaper (it’s wrong).

Written by Kafayat Olabinjo

Staff, Rare Edge Film & Arts Academy Ibadan.

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